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Lian has successfully trained candidates to professional Level through the IDTA Associate and Pre-Associate syllabus for over 18 years. All of her students have gained 90-98%. 5 candidates being nominated for the IDTA John Dilworth Scholarship Award (Freestyle) and 1 student achieving the Scholarship Award 2020.

The syllabus is designed to exam candidates on many aspects of dance including:

  • History of Freestyle Dance

  • Practical lesson planning

  • Effective choreography delivery for different age groups and abilities

  • Dance steps and movement terminologies, explanation, and delivery

  • Scientific studies including anatomy, physiology and postural faults and corrections

  • Health and safety aspects and legalities of operating successful dance classes

  • Teaching ability, qualities and professional conduct  

Pre-Associate qualification - this is a reduced syllabus and does not fully qualify you as a professional.  Ideal for those more experienced students who wish to expand their knowledge and expertise in preparation for the full Associate qualification.  Age limit - 16

Associate qualification - As a fully qualified dance professional in Freestyle, this qualification enables full IDTA membership.  Teaching and submission of candidates for IDTA Freestyle, Street and Musical Theatre examinations.

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