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I absolutely loved doing my dance teacher training with Lian. There was always a clear structure to my sessions and I always knew what I had to do for the following session. Most importantly I just really enjoyed my training with Lian as she kept it fun and Lian's clear passion for dance is what inspired me to be the best dance teacher I could be. Truly learnt from the best!

Emily Hughes

Some positive feedback to your class. It’s super, I’m loving it.

I have tried many other classes and I have not been successful up until now.

So I’d just like to say well done. You are a great instructor.

So many people think I can do all the moves, I’ll do a course and become an instructor and they are rubbish. Teaching and instructing is a talent on its own and requires professionalism and the right commitment to the class and of course personality.

You tick all the boxes.

Thank you.

Sue Rose

I have been joining Lian's yoga classes regularly since February and the difference in my flexibility and general well-being is remarkable.  Whilst I wasn't a complete beginner, I have had a break spanning quite a few years since I regularly practiced yoga.  Lian's calm and supportive approach has been perfect for me and I am astounded by the progress I have made in just a few months.

I would highly recommend Lian's yoga classes.  Her experience as a dance teacher is obvious - a skill that has transferred beautifully to yoga teaching.  She is inspiring - clear and concise with her instruction, her lessons are meticulously planned so the focus each session is clear. 

Helen Warner

Training for my dance teachers qualification with Lian was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Lian is a true professional and both the practical and theory based elements were delivered to an extremely high standard. The whole experience taught me much more than just how to teach dance but developed me as a person and I had so much fun along the way too!

Beth Byrne

I had such a fantastic experience completing my professional dance training with Lian. She is an absolute expert in the field of dance teaching and I wouldn't have wanted to be trained by anyone else! The outstanding training and advice that Lian provided me with whilst training have given me skills that I have used as a dance teacher and also throughout my career. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to train and work alongside such an inspirational lady- thank you Lian!

Amy Neal

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