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Wednesdays 10.00 -11.00am

Fridays10.00 -11.00am

At Shustoke Village Hall
Church Road, B46 2AX
(followed with refreshments included in class fee)

Stretch, Strengthen & Relax

Chair yoga is a wonderful way to explore and develop the range of movement of your joints and muscles. 

A soothing class to allow the body to gently stretch. Lengthen, strengthen and align whilst the chair provides the confidence of support.


Give yourself time to breath and enjoy gradual movement of the body to increase and improve joint range and motion. Take care of your physical and mental health.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of exercise and is practised seated and/or standing using the support of a chair.  Research has shown that yogic breathing and movement promotes blood circulation and allows greater oxygen flow to the lungs helping to promote a stronger immunity response to certain illnesses.  This increased circulation can also improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.


After the class why not stay and have refreshments and a chat! (included in the class fee)

Level: All abilities


Who is CHAIR YOGA good for?

Aimed at those who either rely on a chair for support in their jobs (Office Chair Yoga) or those who find mat based yoga a challenge for a variety of reasons including arthritis, osteoporosis, mobility problems of general up and down movement.

What can I expect in a class? 

"A welcoming and friendly atmosphere"


Starting with a focus on the breath (Pranayama techniques) we look at controlling the breath helping to calm and focus the mind to reduce any anxiety and bring a sense of clarity and peace. Pranayama encourages physiological advantages including reducing blood pressure and increasing depth of the breath therefore greater oxygen intake, helping you feel more energised.



Flowing movements and yoga poses that gently stretch and energise the body.

I encourage……

Core control and strengthening

Upper back, shoulder and chest opening

Hip release and opening

Leg and ankle extensions and stretches

Lengthening and gentle stretching along the spine



At the end of our practice we sit back, switch off and be present. Savasana is the final posture in the yoga class where the breath flows naturally, the eyes are soft or closed allowing the body to

feel tension free.


Yoga class fees

There are 3 ways to pay for your classes. Choose the best way for you, and then.....Yoga 

Book online in advance per class 

6 Class Pass
Book online £30
(6 classes for the price of 5)  

Pay at the class
(no booking)

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