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At Shustoke Village Hall

Balance Your Body

Awakening morning Hatha Yoga practice.  This is a Hatha Flow Class and adopts a gradual pace on which the breath very much works with the body, settling your body and mind into the day. 

Each week Lian explores Pranayama (the breath) techniques, encouraging class members to use these away from the studio and in their everyday. 

Lian focuses on different areas of the body each week, for example - opening the upper back and shoulders, hip opening and stretching, working through the spine alignment and suppleness, releasing tension and lengthening the thighs and legs .........

This class moves the body to encourage flowing stretches. A class for all abilities. Postures can be adapted to suit your practice with the guidance of Lian.  


Level: All abilities

Yoga class fees

There are 3 ways to pay for your classes. Choose the best way for you, and then.....Yoga 

Book online in advance per class 

6 Class Pass
Book online £30
(6 classes for the price of 5)  

Pay at the class
(no booking)

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