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Yoga class fees

There are 3 ways to pay for your classes. Choose the best way for you, and then.....Yoga 

Book online in advance per class 

6 Class Pass
Book online £30
(6 classes for the price of 5)  

Pay at the class
(no booking)

At Shustoke Village Hall

Awakening morning Hatha Yoga practice.  This is a Hatha Flow Class and adopts a gradual pace on which the breath very much works with the body, settling your body and mind into the day. 

Each week Lian explores Pranayama (the breath) techniques, encouraging class members to use these away from the studio and in their everyday. 

Lian focuses on different areas of the body each week, for example - opening the upper back and shoulders, hip opening and stretching, working through the spine alignment and suppleness, releasing tension and lengthening the thighs and legs .........

This class moves the body to encourage flowing stretches. A class for all abilities. Postures can be adapted to suit your practice with the guidance of Lian.  


Level: All abilities

At Shustoke Village Hall & 10.00-10.45am
(followed with refreshments)

Chair yoga is a wonderful way to explore and develop the range of movement of your joints and muscles. 

A soothing class to allow the body to gently stretch. Lengthen, strengthen and align whilst the chair provides the confidence of support.


Give yourself time to breath and enjoy gradual movement of the body to increase and improve joint range and motion. Take care of your physical and mental health.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of exercise and is practised seated and/or standing using the support of a chair.  Research has shown that yogic breathing and movement promotes blood circulation and allows greater oxygen flow to the lungs helping to promote a stronger immunity response to certain illnesses.  This increased circulation can also improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.


 Who is CHAIR YOGA good for?

Aimed at those who either rely on a chair for support in their jobs (Office Chair Yoga) or those who find mat based yoga a challenge for a variety of reasons including arthritis, osteoporosis, mobility problems of general up and down movement.



After the class why not stay and have refreshments and a chat! 

Level: All abilities

Venue and time TBC


Lian's Strengthening Yoga class takes you through a series of asanas (postures) that prepare you for a peak posture.  With a focus on alignment, Strengthening Yoga uses the breath to complement the movement whilst also calming the mind.  Lian enjoys using the Sun Salutations and building on these sequences to enhance the practice that can have a Vinyasa influence. During these classes you will explore different types of asanas including inversions, back bends, seated, twists and balances including arm and standing. 


Lian focuses on different areas of the body whilst being authentic to the roots of this ancient art. As a trained dance teacher Lian has always considered strength, flexibility and balance to be a must for the human body.  She enjoys bringing these ideals to her yoga classes and works with the asanas to encourage these qualities to be achieved.


Level: All abilities, those seeking a strong practice


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